Name: Thorsten Hary (Follow me @twitter) 
Companies: zeit:raum Group (CEO) & hololux GmbH (CEO) & TH Holding GmbH (CEO)
Profession: CEO/Filmmaker/TechNerd/Investor

What I´m doing:
Directing videos and crafting motion graphics for both the entertainment industry (feature films, music videos, etc.) as well as the marketing and advertising industry with my company zeit:raum.
Delivering cutting edge VR and AR work as CEO of hololux GmbH. Investing into Tech Startups and the creative industrie as CEO of TH Holding GmbH. Sleep (Occasionally). Proud dad of Paul.

Only the facts:
Created pixel-art in DPaint on the Amiga way back in the day. Founded Internet startup while studying Informationswissenschaften at the University of Saarland, became interested in 3D graphics with work subsequently featured in numerous publications as well as Maxon Cinema4D marketing materials. Worked as freelancer at various agencies. Founding member of med4you interactive devision in 2001, moved on to build and lead the Haus & Gross TV/Motion Devision in creating and directing over 150 national and international commercials as well as award-winning music videos and virals (Crew United Profile). Worked for J.J. Abrams at Bad Robot in Los Angeles (IMDB-Profile). Advising the government on the needs of the creative industry after being appointent to the "Mittelstandsausschuss". Founder and CEO of bildpiloten - Agentur für Film GmbH (now called zeit:raum film GmbH). Bringing cutting-edge VR and AR content to the masses as CEO of hololux GmbH.

Awards & Honors:
2000 - MAXON Cineversity Award
2011 - "2x Saarländischer Staatspreis für Design"
2012 - Bandsalat Music Video Award & Public Choice Award for "The Burdens of the world"
2013 - "Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (Nominee)
2013 - 2x Saarländischer Staatspreis für Design
2013 - Worked on Oscar nominated feature film "Star Trek Into Darkness" (Best Visual Effects)
2015 - "2x German Design Award" (Nominee)"
2015 - Gewinner "Kreativsonar 2015"
2016 - Nominee German Design Award 2016

Earl Grey, hot.

Weapons of choice:
Macintosh/RED/Canon/Sony/Blackmagic/Resolve/Lightroom/AfterFX/Element 3D/Cinema4D/Octane/Unreal Engine

Been there, done that (yeah, really):
Screendesign, Usability Engineering, HTML/CSS/Flash, CI, Illustration, Print-Design, CGI/3D Graphics, music sequencing, Editing, VFX, Compositing, Writing, Photography, Directing, Robot at Bad Robot,..

I enjoy:
Painting, playing the guitar, cooking, rare ananmorphic camera lenses (Iscoramas), good food, great wine and single malt whiskey.

Things of timeless beauty:
Falling Water, Le Corbusier LC Chairs (did you expect Steve Jobs to sit on anything else?) , Sunflower iMac, Barcelona, Helvetica, Fender Stratocaster,...

I live by this:

"How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. How do you shoot a 150-day movie? You shoot it one day at a time," - David Fincher

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them." - George Bernard Shaw