oscar nomination

So it´s official: I worked on a film that is up for "Best Visual Effects" at the Oscars. Mind blown.
Thinking back on all the talented people working on Star Trek Into Darkness, it shouldn´t feel like that big of a suprise. Huge congrats to everyone involved and the greatest thank you to Bad Robot for giving me the opportunity to be a small part of this exciting journey.


Interview in Digital Production Magazine

If you are itching to find out how I achieved some of the shots in my latest music video "A Campus A Heart A Star" from The Satellite Year, you should pick up the current issue of leading german post-production and vfx magazine "Digital Production". There´s an nice, lenghty interview with me in which I shed some light on the techniques and tools used in the making of this project.

Update: The interview is available here in PDF format for your reading pleasure!


Awards and new beginnings

You might have noticed that it has been quiet around here for some time. Well, I´ve been busy.
Last night, I won two awards: one for my old company and one for a new company. And this might just be the perfect opportunity to tell you more about it.

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Working on Star Trek Into Darkness at Bad Robot

I had the amazing opportunity to work on this movie at Bad Robot in Los Angeles and couldn´t be any happier about the whole experience, which still feels kind of surreal to me.

Not only did I get to meet and work with J.J. Abrams (spoiler: nicest guy ever) and the amazingly talented Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot (BTW: Andrew did epic, mindblowing work on these maintitles - keep an eye on his blog for more!) but a whole bunch of really great people (Ben, Erin, Kerry, Josh, Marty, Andrew, Nate, Juan, Zack, Robby, Olaf - this list could go on forever...). 

The Bad Robot offices really are geek heaven, bursting with energy and I´ve had an amazing time working there. Now go out and see the movie. In true summer blockbuster fashion, it is a big, fun and highly entertaining ride.



working in hollywood

So excited to be heading to the US to help out at Bad Robot, working on a major summer blockbuster.  


TSY - "A Campus, A Heart, A Star"

Here´s my most VFX-heavy music video to date:
"A Campus, A Heart, A Star" by THE SATELLITE YEAR.

 Shot entirely on greenscreen and featuring 4:30 min. of 3D, Compositing and VFX work. Not an easy task, especially since I was doing everything by myself: Director / DP / Edit / CGI / VFX / Colorgrading

Be sure to check out the SATELLITE YEARS terrific album MISSION POLARLIGHTS while you´re at it: - it´s really great.


Making-of: A Campus, A Heart, A Star

Lately Element 3D from VIDEO COPILOT has become one of the cornerstones of my work. Huge, daunting tasks like creating 4:30 minutes of 3D animation and composting (as a single artist)  for a music video suddenly become manageable. Although Element 3D might not be as fully featured as a dedicated, established 3D program like Cinema4D, the speed and interactivity more than makes up for this. It has become my favorite way of doing 3D-stuff. So take a look at how some of the stuff was done in the above video.

Wunderlist 2 Product Trailer

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to direct and animate the Wunderlist 2 launch video for the great folks at 6Wunderkinder.
Brisk in pace and done as 2D and 3D Animation, the trailer is all about giving you a taste for what it feels like to use the app. Since the level of attention and care present in the app (and the Wunderkinder marketing in general) is up there with the very best, coming up with a trailer matching the quality of the product was no mundane (but fun!) task.
And as someone who has spend the last couple of weeks using the near-final beta, let me tell you: Wunderlist2 is quite awesome. The guys really poured their heart and soul into making a great app and it shows in every pixel and every user interaction, If you don´t know this app yet, you should definitively check it out

If you´ve got a neat tech product you want to show off in a product video, drop me a line. I´m always interested in new projects.


Going out with a bang. and a trailer.

This is the trailer for my last music video for the foreseeable future, since i´ll be moving on to other ventures in 2013. "A Campus, A Heart, A Star" by The Satellite Year will premiere at europes biggest computer arts festival REVISION 2013 on 30/03/2013 before going to broadcast on 31/03/2013.


"reactor burner brain"


While my past promos always involved shooting a performance of some sort, this is much more of a graphical exploration of the track using macro-photography and 3D-graphics.

It was much more about finding images to fit the music and I animated roughly 100 different visual explorations, some of which didn´t make the cut of the final promo. I really enjoyed creating the imagery going into this video, but one should keep it away from children and epileptic people (I´m NOT kidding on this one...). 


There´s a photoset of stills over at flickr, too.

This might also work as a title sequence for a David Fincher film. Just saying - drop me a line, David ;)
Please head over and watch the HD-Version on VIMEO since the tiny embedded version doesn´t do it justice... 


baby lou "tennis"

I went with a fun, kinda cheesy, meta-music video approach on this one. 
The single is out 10/08/2012 - get it on itunes


Glazed Finish "It started with a smile"

A hyperkinetic, restless promo shot on greenscreen utilizing 6 cameras and relying on a morph-and expression driven virtual camera to achive otherwise imposible hyperdynamic camera movement.

If this feels too fast, shaky or blurry to you - I´m sorry, it´s just kind of a fun experiment :)

See some behind the scenes stuff here



I´ve been nominated for the DESIGNPREIS DER BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND. Very happy about this. Now: Back to work...


squid. just sayin`


a good day

What a day. Been on stage twice winning for two different projects at the "Saarländischer Staatspreis für Design 2011" and moved into my new apartment.
Now if I only had some furniture...


cold sea. strange crop.


ghost of a chance "things worth asking"

After doing a few music videos lately, i´ve been looking for new ways to challenge myself. While in the past I could always count on the help of a few buddies for shooting and took my sweet time with postproduction, I´ve decided to break this habit and shoot a video all by myself and try to have it edited, color-graded and released all within 24 hours.

Despite all advances in technology, doing this well (and not half-assed) still represents a huge challenge. While the video itself is not breaking any new ground, it´s a nice mood-piece fitting the song perfectly. Thanks to Tobias Heiland of GHOST OF A CHANCE, a great guy and fabolous artist. Check out his current album "AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP"  - A fitting title, looking back at the last 24 hours. Good night all.


TSY - Jelly, Jelly, How to survive such a trip?

My soundtrack video for a movie that does not exist. Borrowing from well established action- and spy movie clichés, this is my humble homage to +100 Mio.$ Hollywood action films.

So far, the response to the video has been incredible: Apart from being all over music television, the clip has inspired glowing reviews on leading industry websites like promonews and videostatic, as well as getting recognition from all over the world. It has won competitons, and has been the featured video on giant online music video portals like and
As a side-effect, I´ve been drowning in a whole lot of requests from well known music video agents/reps offering me representation in the US, the UK and Japan. But for now, I´m happy at my dayjob, where we´ve got some incredible cool stuff coming up. And my next music video is already well underway.
Buckle up, I´m just getting started...


high key / low contrast

model: anna hoff. shot on the 5D Mark II with the 100mm 2.8 IS
from christian fickingers highkey workshop @ die luminanz 


painting: white//orange//red

 white//orange//red  150x35cm, Acrylic Paint and Graphite. Thorsten Hary 2011.