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Wunderlist 2 Product Trailer

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to direct and animate the Wunderlist 2 launch video for the great folks at 6Wunderkinder.
Brisk in pace and done as 2D and 3D Animation, the trailer is all about giving you a taste for what it feels like to use the app. Since the level of attention and care present in the app (and the Wunderkinder marketing in general) is up there with the very best, coming up with a trailer matching the quality of the product was no mundane (but fun!) task.
And as someone who has spend the last couple of weeks using the near-final beta, let me tell you: Wunderlist2 is quite awesome. The guys really poured their heart and soul into making a great app and it shows in every pixel and every user interaction, If you don´t know this app yet, you should definitively check it out

If you´ve got a neat tech product you want to show off in a product video, drop me a line. I´m always interested in new projects.

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