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bildpiloten - Agentur für Film GmbH

So I founded a company at the beginning of this year. It is only now that I have had a chance to breathe and tell you about it as well as share some stuff with you.

What we do is really simple: we produce films, animations and ads for global audiences. And we´ve been doing it a lot. In addition to some of the most famous german companies in tech, like mytaxi or 6Wunderkinder we also work for international tech giants like Yandex and have worked for Hollywood production companies like Bad Robot.

But enough with the words. How about some moving images?
First is our little Logo-ID. It´s in german for now (english version on the way) and we had the german voice of George Clooney do the voice over work for this, since it provided the level of sophistication we were after.

This is our current showreel, which we hope you enjoy. As you may see, even though we specialise in tech, we also like to do some work in the entertainment realm as well.

I´m sure, we are going to get our company website up and running any day now. If you want to contact us in the meantime, go ahead and hit us up at hello@bildpiloten.com - we love email and look forward to hearing from you.

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