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ghost of a chance "things worth asking"

After doing a few music videos lately, i´ve been looking for new ways to challenge myself. While in the past I could always count on the help of a few buddies for shooting and took my sweet time with postproduction, I´ve decided to break this habit and shoot a video all by myself and try to have it edited, color-graded and released all within 24 hours.

Despite all advances in technology, doing this well (and not half-assed) still represents a huge challenge. While the video itself is not breaking any new ground, it´s a nice mood-piece fitting the song perfectly. Thanks to Tobias Heiland of GHOST OF A CHANCE, a great guy and fabolous artist. Check out his current album "AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP"  - A fitting title, looking back at the last 24 hours. Good night all.

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