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TSY - Jelly, Jelly, How to survive such a trip?

My soundtrack video for a movie that does not exist. Borrowing from well established action- and spy movie clichés, this is my humble homage to +100 Mio.$ Hollywood action films.

So far, the response to the video has been incredible: Apart from being all over music television, the clip has inspired glowing reviews on leading industry websites like promonews and videostatic, as well as getting recognition from all over the world. It has won competitons, and has been the featured video on giant online music video portals like blank.tv and tape.tv.
As a side-effect, I´ve been drowning in a whole lot of requests from well known music video agents/reps offering me representation in the US, the UK and Japan. But for now, I´m happy at my dayjob, where we´ve got some incredible cool stuff coming up. And my next music video is already well underway.
Buckle up, I´m just getting started...

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