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bildpiloten - Year One

I can´t believe how fast this year went by. 12 months ago I permanently left what was arguably the best job I´ve ever had (Head of TV/Motion at a well established ad agency) to found my own company.

I did so without a co-founder, a decision that was either the worlds best or worst decision ever (the jury is still out on that one). We started out at the awesome Coworking Space Ligatura. If you are starting out in the Saarbrucken area, this surely is the place to be. We quickly added offices in Hamburg and finally moved to our own place in Saarbrücken just a few weeks ago. Things are moving so fast that it is hard to keep up at times, but I couldn´t be happier about how well things are going.

Better yet: we are working on some huge projects (most of which I can´t tell you about yet) and I´m facing my biggest challenge to date: growing the team to keep up with all the work coming in in 2015. Granted: a good problem to have. Here´s to a great 2015

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