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VR - The new frontier

Much has been written about the new kinds of VR and AR tech that has emerged in the last few months. Rest assured that no amount of writing will do the same for you as five minutes of using an Oculus Rift device viewing a state of the art VR scene. Even though the experience is still rough around the edges, the potential as well as the certainty that this tech will change the game yet again is more than clear.

While working in film and animation, the fundamental principles, tech and art - even though still evolving - have largely been established generations ago. In contrast, the language, tech and best practices of building VR content are just being established as I type these words. We have both the opportunity and the burden of shaping this future right from its inception. Having spend the last couple of weeks authoring real time VR content at our company, I for one couldn 't be more excited about being part of this journey that, as of now, only holds roads less traveled.

With this is mind we are embarking on a new adventure by launching hololux, the newest addition to the bildpiloten company. hololux will focus on creating Virtual and Augmented Reality content, both as video as well as real time 3D.

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